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Product liability case alleges waterslide gravely injured boy

Frighteningly, every year in California and across the United States, numerous people are injured by dangerous or defective products. When these injuries are severe, the victims or their families typically find it beneficial to consult a product liability lawyer. Often, a successfully litigated lawsuit is the only way to get the funds necessary to help with medical costs and other financial consequences.

In another state, for instance, a young boy's parents have filed a lawsuit on behalf of their son. They claim that he suffered serious, permanent injuries due to a product's allegedly faulty design. The complaint names as defendant Bette Bounces, the company reportedly responsible for the operation and maintenance of the inflatable water slide they claim injured the child. The boy was a guest at a birthday party where the hosts had rented the slide for party-goers.

Plan a night of safe trick-or-treating fun

In just a few short weeks children of all ages will be donning costumes and begging for candy. Your children are excited. They have narrowed down their ideas and picked characters to transform into for the special, spooky day. You want your children to be satisfied with their costumes and enjoy their night of trick-or treating, but safety is important.

Plan out the route

Car accidents can cause emotional and financial devastation

Traffic laws are in place to keep California drivers safe. These laws dictate the speed at which an individual can drive, when one driver can pass another and even what side of the highway one should remain on. In addition, there are laws in place to guard against individuals driving after they have had too much to drink. Even with the numerous traffic laws that govern how individuals operate vehicle, car accidents occur on a daily basis.

These laws, however, can only protect individuals when they are adhered to. In one recent case, it appears that a southbound driver in Santa Clarita Valley chose not to adhere to a number of California's traffic laws. Apparently, as she was driving, she veered too far to the right, hit the curb and then overcorrected and entered into the lane of traffic heading north.

California car accidents: doctor, wife to stand trial for wreck

When a loved one dies, survivors often seek closure after a period of time to help with the grieving process. This is particularly the case when car accidents abruptly take someone's life and there was no time to communicate after a fatal incident. Some California family members may be a step closer to gaining some closure following a crash that claimed three people's lives in Oct. 2016.

Recently, a judge ordered that a doctor and his wife will be tried for their alleged involvement in an accident that occurred almost a year ago. It was determined that the evidence presented by the prosecution was sufficient to try the case. The judge reiterated that this was not a decision against the doctor and his wife, but that there was enough evidence to cause suspicion.

California car accidents often leave tragedy among the debris

Tragedy can strike at any moment and usually without warning. Car accidents are one of the worst events that can steal a life and change families forever. One recent California collision has resulted in the death of three people.

Officials state that a 26-year-old driver was operating his sports car at a high rate of speed along a local highway. For reasons that are yet unclear, his car violently rear-ended first one and then a second vehicle. The first car that was struck then erupted in flames. All three passengers in that vehicle were entrapped. The driver of the third car was transported for care after exhibiting signs of possible injuries.

Safety campaign targets car accidents involving pedestrians

Many California residents enjoy walking, whether they do it for recreation or to reach a destination. While thousands of miles are walked safely each day, some areas have witnessed an increase in car accidents involving pedestrians. Several community and state organizations are working together to increase awareness and combat the rise in incidents.

A new campaign called "Look Both Ways" has been launched by Caltrans and the California Highway Patrol. Other groups involved include the City of Palm Springs, the Palm Springs Police Department and the Desert Regional Medical Center, among others. Lamar Advertising has also partnered with the organizations and has provided numerous billboards throughout the area to increase awareness of the efforts.

Hospital facing product liability claims

When a child must undergo surgery, parents in California and around the nation are understandably concerned. Even in routine procedures, there is always a possibility of a surgical error or other complication. In some situations, there are issues with the equipment used in the surgery or recovery. A hospital in another state must deal with a possible product liability lawsuit after several children became ill following routine surgeries.

The situation arose following a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Oct. 2016. The report stated that the devices utilized to control patients' temperatures were potentially contaminated. Over 250,000 cardiopulmonary bypasses are done in the country annually and the heater-cooler devices are often used. Patients at the children's hospital began showing signs of infection around nine months after the CDC warning was published. The hospital reports that around a dozen children have been infected with mycobacterium abscessus.

$417 million product liability verdict against J&J

Johnson & Johnson is a well-known manufacturer of consumer products that has been in operation for over a hundred years. The company makes everything from bandages and medications to baby and beauty products. Its headquarters are located in another state; however, its operations are international, with facilities worldwide. While the company experiences great success, it must also deal with a series of product liability claims related to talc-based products. A jury in a California lawsuit recently awarded $417 million to a woman who claimed that the company's baby powder caused her to have ovarian cancer.

A jury awarded the settlement to the 63-year-old woman in August. Since 2016, courts have ordered Johnson & Johnson to pay over $700 million for claims that its talc-based products caused ovarian cancer. There are around 4,800 cases involving body powders with talc, such as Johnson's Baby Powder or Shower to Shower body powder.

Man suffered serious injuries after hit-and-run accident

Many California residents deliver newspapers as either their full-time job or as a way to make some extra money. In most cases, the deliveries are made in the early morning hours so that subscribers will have their papers when they awaken for the day. Thousands of papers are delivered without incident every day. However, a man has recently suffered serious injuries after being struck by a car while on his delivery route.

A man was delivering newspapers in his minivan early on the morning of Aug. 29. He was accompanied on his route by his wife. The San Jose Police Department reports state that the man had taken a paper to a home and was walking back toward his van. As he was crossing the street, a car struck him, then the driver fled.

How can California pedestrians stay safe?

With our year-round warm temperatures and abundance of sun, southern California is the ideal destination for pedestrians. Unfortunately, walking to the store or your favorite coffee shop may not be as safe as you expect.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), California has the highest incidence of cars hitting and killing pedestrians in the nation. How can you stay safe as you walk throughout your day?

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