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Car accidents can cause emotional and financial devastation

Traffic laws are in place to keep California drivers safe. These laws dictate the speed at which an individual can drive, when one driver can pass another and even what side of the highway one should remain on. In addition, there are laws in place to guard against individuals driving after they have had too much to drink. Even with the numerous traffic laws that govern how individuals operate vehicle, car accidents occur on a daily basis.

California car accidents: doctor, wife to stand trial for wreck

When a loved one dies, survivors often seek closure after a period of time to help with the grieving process. This is particularly the case when car accidents abruptly take someone's life and there was no time to communicate after a fatal incident. Some California family members may be a step closer to gaining some closure following a crash that claimed three people's lives in Oct. 2016.

Safety campaign targets car accidents involving pedestrians

Many California residents enjoy walking, whether they do it for recreation or to reach a destination. While thousands of miles are walked safely each day, some areas have witnessed an increase in car accidents involving pedestrians. Several community and state organizations are working together to increase awareness and combat the rise in incidents.

Claims after fatal hit-and-run car accidents can be challenging

Picking up the pieces after the death of a loved one is naturally a slow and painful process, particularly if it was not anticipated. Some fatal car accidents leave surviving family members with more questions than answers. This is typically the case when a hit-and-run accident was the cause of death.

California car accidents: increase in crashes with pedestrians

The weather in California lends itself to a variety of outdoor activities. Many residents frequently walk or ride bicycles to their destinations, whether for exercise, convenience or to avoid the state's infamous traffic delays. In most situations, pedestrians and cyclists arrive safely to where they are heading. However, one county in the state reports an increase in car accidents involving pedestrians.

California car accidents: 1 dead in Ahaheim crash

Losing a loved one is a painful experience for California residents or anyone across the nation, regardless of the circumstances. However, when people die in car accidents caused by the negligence of another driver, it is even more devastating since the accident could have been avoided. An Anaheim family is dealing with the loss of a husband and father following a three-car crash on July 30.

California car accidents: record settlement in infant death case

Losing loved ones, particularly small children, is devastating for California residents or anyone in the country. When those losses occurred in car accidents caused by someone acting negligently and could have been prevented, they become even more tragic to those involved. A family recently received a settlement for the loss of their child four years after the death occurred.

Roundabouts are spinning drivers in circles

Stoplights, stop signs and right-angle intersections - all of these are familiar to drivers like you the road. However, a new type of intersection is eliminating the need for all three of these features. Like the round invention of the wheel that put us on the road, roundabouts are changing the way we move. You might also hear the term traffic circle or rotaries to refer to a roundabout depending on the size or local vernacular.

California car accidents: motorcycle injured in Oceanside crash

Oceanside is a coastal city in California offering scenic beach views for residents and visitors alike. Many enjoy the outdoors by walking or riding bicycles or motorcycles in the beautiful locale. However, car accidents can occur when others act negligently. A motorcyclist was recently injured when he was struck by an alleged drunk driver.

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