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California car accidents: record settlement in infant death case

Losing loved ones, particularly small children, is devastating for California residents or anyone in the country. When those losses occurred in car accidents caused by someone acting negligently and could have been prevented, they become even more tragic to those involved. A family recently received a settlement for the loss of their child four years after the death occurred.

Roundabouts are spinning drivers in circles

Stoplights, stop signs and right-angle intersections - all of these are familiar to drivers like you the road. However, a new type of intersection is eliminating the need for all three of these features. Like the round invention of the wheel that put us on the road, roundabouts are changing the way we move. You might also hear the term traffic circle or rotaries to refer to a roundabout depending on the size or local vernacular.

California car accidents: motorcycle injured in Oceanside crash

Oceanside is a coastal city in California offering scenic beach views for residents and visitors alike. Many enjoy the outdoors by walking or riding bicycles or motorcycles in the beautiful locale. However, car accidents can occur when others act negligently. A motorcyclist was recently injured when he was struck by an alleged drunk driver.

California car accidents: Woman sentenced for her role in crash

Driving while intoxicated in the state of California can lead to penalties ranging from fines to time in jail. Unfortunately, at times, those driving impaired can cause catastrophic results in car accidents. A woman was recently sentenced for her involvement in an incident that led to the death of two people.

California car accidents: 1 dead, 3 injured after hit and run

Pedestrians often enjoy walking on the streets of California as they exercise, shop or travel to their destinations. Most of them never have cause for worry since there are no incidents when they walk. However, when car accidents occur where people are walking, pedestrians are likely to suffer injuries. A recent accident in a Los Angeles neighborhood left one pedestrian dead and three others injured.

California car accidents: Baby dies after fatal crash

Driving under the influence is never a good idea on California roadways. The penalties can be severe, and more importantly, it is extremely unsafe. Car accidents may more easily occur when someone is driving in an impaired condition. Recently, a baby died soon after her birth as a result of a head-on collision involving an alleged drunk driver.

California car accidents: 1 jogger dead, 1 injured after crash

Joggers frequently take advantage of the beautiful California weather as they run outdoors. Many runners jog on the roadways, sharing the space with numerous drivers. While the majority of runners and drivers operate safely together, car accidents can occur. A recent collision claimed the life of one jogger and left another with serious injuries.

Californa car accidents: Boy killed by alleged drunk driver

Southern California has a wonderful climate that lends itself to numerous outdoor activities. While residents participate in a variety of recreational activities, many simply choose to walk to their chosen destinations rather than use a vehicle for transportation. Unfortunately, car accidents sometimes claim the lives of those walking near roadways. A recent crash resulted in the death of a young Los Angeles County pedestrian.

California car accidents: Baseball player killed in crash

Losing a loved one is a devastating experience for California residents and others around the country. It is particularly tragic when car accidents involving senseless acts claim the lives of innocent people. A recent car chase turned deadly when a young man died after being injured in a hit-and-run crash.

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