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Helping Victims Of Carrier Accidents In California

Public transportation and other carrier vehicles are required by law to use a high degree of care to keep passengers and civilians safe. After an accident with one of these vehicles, do you know your rights?

Our lawyers at The Vartazarian Law Firm will advocate for you and your family. We understand the unique issues involved with carrier liability and what steps to take to help you recover.

We represent victims in Sherman Oaks and the surrounding areas and throughout California who have been injured in accidents involving:

  • Carriers such as FedEx and UPS
  • Buses
  • The Metrolink
  • Trains
  • The subway

Let Us Help You File A Claim

Filing a claim after an accident is difficult, especially on your own. Our attorneys have decades of experience handling personal injury claims on behalf of plaintiffs after trucking accidents involving carriers like UPS, FedEx and retailers. Our experience pushes us to find creative ways to litigate your claim and maximize the compensation in your case.

Our Approach

We work with experts to build a strong claim. This includes working with animators to recreate the scene of the accident as well as with physicians to explain the nature and extent of your injuries.

Our goal is to maximize the compensation in your claim to protect your quality of life. We diligently prepare everything involved in your claim so you can focus on getting better. Our commitment to you is seen from the minute you call us. We truly care about helping you and your family. Our passion to help victims is why we continue to obtain successful outcomes for our clients and why we continue to find ways to litigate personal injury claims in a creative, new way.

Get A Free Case Review To Discuss Your Claim

Injured in an accident with a carrier? Do not wait to contact us. We are here to help. Arrange a free case review by calling 818-646-6574 or sending us an email. We speak Spanish, Armenian and Farsi.