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Holding Companies Liable For Defective Products

Thousands of people are seriously injured due to defective and unsafe products every year in the United States. What can you do if you or loved one has been injured? Our attorneys at The Vartazarian Law Firm are here to guide you through your legal options. We represent victims injured by defective and unsafe products in Sherman Oaks and throughout California.

Product Liability After An Injury

What is product liability? Product liability refers to the liability of manufacturers and sellers of a defective or dangerous product that results in injury or damage. Product liability issues involve three different types of defects:

  • Design defects that make the product unsafe or dangerous to use
  • Manufacturing defects that happen when the product is being assembled or built
  • Marketing defects that involve product labeling or instructions

Who can be held liable? Several defendants can be named in a product liability suit. The company who designed the product, the manufacturer of the product and even the retailer who sold the product may be listed as a defendant in a claim, depending on the specific claims and defects of the product.

Building A Strong Case Against Responsible Parties

Companies are responsible for issuing a recall for defective products. When they fail to issue a recall, more lives are put at risk and could lead to more product liability claims.

Our lawyers have experience handling all types of these claims in California. We work with top animation experts to show how the product is defective and dangerous. We know how to build a strong case on your behalf, and many of the cases we handle involve severe injuries to individuals that have lasting complications and require costly medical care. We always consider how your quality of life will be impacted while handling your claim.

Understand Your Legal Options

Injured by an unsafe product? You may have a legal claim. Speak to our lawyers about your options. Call 818-646-6574 or send us an email to arrange a free case review. We speak Spanish, Armenian and Farsi.