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Personal injury can be deadly where pedestrians are concerned

Many California drivers are likely aware of the fact that keeping an eye out for pedestrians is a major part of vehicle safety. Unfortunately, sometimes car accidents can occur despite the best efforts of people behind the wheel. While traffic safety lights apply to everyone sharing the road, they are not a guarantee that no one will ever suffer serious personal injury.

Recently, a California man was reportedly traveling at a high rate of speed when he crashed his vehicle into another car. He tried to maneuver away from the accident and wound up hitting several cars that were parked along the road. In a devastating chain reaction, one of these parked vehicles hit a 65-year-old pedestrian. 

Truck accidents are a lethal pedestrian threat

California remains one of the nation's most popular destinations, attracting people from all over the world. With so much to offer, it is no wonder so many people find themselves drawn to the Golden State. Unfortunately, one frightening side effect of busy roadways is accidents, specifically truck accidents

While most truck drivers have undergone extensive training, truck accidents are a sad reality, especially in places where traffic travels at a high rate of speed, and can often become congested. Vehicle accidents are scary enough but, on some occasions, can mean death for pedestrians caught in the path of a much larger truck. While thankfully not as common as every day fender benders, fatal accidents can and do occur. 

Car accidents can be fatal to cyclists sharing the roads.

California has long been known as a unique place to live, work and travel. The beautiful scenery includes both large metropolitan cities and sprawling rural landscapes. Unfortunately, the large number of residents and tourists to this great state means that the roads are often crowded, and car accidents remain all too common. 

While many car accidents in California may not be serious, all have the potential for serious damage and injury, and some even result in death. While sharing the road with bicycles is not uncommon, and many places have designated bike lanes, accidents involving both larger vehicles and bikes often end in tragedy for the operator of the bicycle. While obedience to traffic laws and conscientious driving can certainly help, car accidents occur every day.

When are bicyclists at fault for negligence?

California has some of the most beautiful scenic views and roadways that connect all throughout the state. For many commuters, choosing a bicycle ride to work and schools is a welcomed option. However, there are always risks when sharing the road with a plethora of drivers and moving vehicles. Accidents can occur at any given minute creating legal issues to determine fault and compensation owed.

California bike laws were made to ensure safe travel for everyone on the roads including pedestrians. They also create a clear outline of responsibilities that help insurance companies and courts evaluate fault for traffic collisions. Although there are plenty of distractions that cause motor vehicle drivers to veer into bike lanes, cyclists may be at fault for negligence also.

Morning rush hour can spawn deadly car accidents

California drivers may be all too familiar with the times of day many refer to as rush hour. With the traffic congestion caused by early morning and late afternoon commutes, there's a higher probability of car accidents occurring during these hours. While many may imagine being stuck in a long line of slow-moving vehicles, with brake lights visible for miles, reduced speeds are no guarantee of fewer accidents. 

Recently, the transition lanes from northbound 5 Freeway to the 101 in California were closed due to a fatal accident. At about 5 a.m. on a Thursday morning, a vehicle hit a pedestrian who had made his way into the path of traffic. It is unclear whether the person was attempting to cross the road, or whether the individual was walking along the route. California Highway Patrol reported that the pedestrian was killed at the scene. Due to the fatal injury, the transition was closed for several hours. 

Serious car accidents may end young lives

California drivers are likely aware that the proper use of seat belts is a must. Being properly restrained while riding in a vehicle is the law. It is just as important to make sure the smallest passengers are kept as safe as possible so as to avoid car accidents

Earlier this week, witnesses say the driver of a pickup truck ran a stop sign at an intersection known for being the scene of several previous car accidents. The driver of a minivan swerved to avoid hitting the pickup, and unfortunately made contact with another vehicle. The force of the impact caused an infant passenger to exit the vehicle through a window. The child was killed as a result. 

Car accidents can end lives suddenly

Motor vehicle accidents are a common occurrence in California and across the country. Some may result in only minor damage to vehicles, and a scare for those involved. Unfortunately, other car accidents are far more serious, and end in tragedy. 

Recently, an accident at a California intersection resulted in destruction, severe injuries and death. A collision between a two vehicles was so severe that a witness reported a sound comparable to an explosion. The vehicle that was struck rolled several times before coming to rest in a nearby yard. The driver was ejected from the vehicle and died at the scene, along with a female passenger. A male passenger in the same vehicle survived, but suffered serious injuries. 

Car accidents can be a true nightmare

Most California residents are aware that caution and obedience to traffic laws can be some of the best ways to stay safe on the road. Most people think of car accidents as a roadway problem. However, sometimes people can be injured or killed without even leaving home. 

Recently, a California woman was involved in just such a tragedy. On March 19, 2018, a 47-year-old woman was fast asleep in her home when a vehicle crashed into her house. She was killed instantly. Witnesses reported that the vehicle entered the home with such force that it could no longer be seen from outside. The contents of the bedroom were thrown against the wall as a result of the impact. 

Personal injury is a risk for both drivers and cyclists

These days, sharing the roadways with cyclists is a common scenario. In California, it is not unusual to find bicycle lanes and other designated areas for pedestrian traffic. Despite such safety efforts, whenever bikes and vehicles share a travel route, there is a risk of personal injury to one or both drivers. 

Recently, a California cyclist suffered severe injuries after a devastating collision with a vehicle. The operator of the bicycle, a 71-year-old man, somehow made his way out of the bike lane and into traffic. His injuries included chest and pelvis damage, and head trauma that has been described as severe.

L.A. bottlenecks are a problem for truckers

Time is money. It’s a well-worn cliché, but it’s especially true for truck drivers. It’s a challenging job that requires carefully steering large vehicles, long hours, driving thousands of miles and spending time away from family. Truck drivers work against the clock, and traffic bottlenecks are one of their many concerns.

A new study released by the American Transportation Research Institute has ranked Los Angeles as the number 5 bottleneck in the country, delaying deliveries and putting extra pressure on drivers. This means that truck drivers in southern California are not just worried about the highway conditions in front of them, but they’re thinking about the fastest route to their next stop as they log overtime stuck in traffic. Long hours and hurried conditions often lead to fatigue and speeding.

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