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$28 million awarded in product liability lawsuit

Xarelto is a medication commonly prescribed to California residents and others elsewhere in the country for the treatment and prevention of blood clots. Physicians routinely use the drug to reduce the risk of stroke, embolism or thrombosis. Recently, a jury found that the manufacturers were responsible for a patient's injuries that were linked to the drug in a product liability lawsuit.

The makers of the drug, Johnson & Johnson and Bayer, had gone to court in three previous cases. In those lawsuits, juries found that the companies had provided adequate warnings about the drug's potentials risks. However, in this case, a jury in another state found that the manufacturers were liable for the injuries suffered by a woman who had taken the drug for over a year. According to court records, the woman had four blood transfusions in attempts to reverse the drug's blood-thinning effects. She was awarded $1.8 million in actual damages and $26 million in punitive damages.

Right-turn accidents most common for bicyclists

As more commuters choose to use a bicycle as their primary mode of transportation, the potential for bicycle accidents also increases.

For a large number of bicyclists, the most frequent type of bicycle accidents are right-hand turn accidents. These accidents occur when a bicyclist is to the right of a vehicle at a stop light that is turning right, a motorist cuts off a bicyclist to turn right at an intersection, or when a bicyclist or motorist passes a slow-moving vehicle or bicycle when approaching a right-hand turn lane.

Car accidents: 4 killed, 6 injured by alleged drunk driver

People who travel in vehicles operated by impaired drivers put their lives on the line. Amazingly, car accidents involving drunk drivers often cause injuries or death to others while drivers walk away unscathed. The authorities say that multiple deaths and injuries were recently caused by a drunk driver in California.

Reportedly, a vehicle operated by a 47-year-old man crashed into another vehicle on a recent Saturday evening. The impact caused the other car to roll over and smash into three other vehicles. Four passengers who were in the car that flipped over were killed in the crash, and that car's driver suffered injuries. He or she was transported to a hospital along with five other injured victims in the other vehicles.

Wrong-way car accidents may prove fatal in California

A reported wrong-way collision recently snatched a man's life in California. In addition, the man's girlfriend suffered injuries. These types of car accidents may sometimes result from the carelessness of a single driver, in which case this driver may be held financially responsible for the deaths and injuries resulting form the accident.

Authorities said that at about 12:30 a.m., they got reports about a driver going west in the lanes heading east along the 118 Freeway. They then were notified about a collision that occurred in the highway's carpool lanes. Police reportedly learned that a man was going in the wrong direction in a lane for carpoolers and ended up colliding with a car head-on.

Wrongful death lawsuit tied to product liability issues

California has a phenomenal climate for farming, making it one of the state's premier industries. Many farmers find success growing fruits, such as avocados. As weeds can become a problem for many areas, some farmers choose to use herbicides to address the issue. The maker of a well-known weed killer has been named in a wrongful death lawsuit linked to product liability issues.

An avocado grower in Cambria mainly used his tractor and other equipment to remove weeds from his 20-acre-ranch. However, he routinely used Roundup, an herbicide manufactured by Monsanto, on certain areas of his ranch. He put the substance in a backpack sprayer, then sprayed it on the weeds.

Car accidents: Woman dead after crash with truck and bus

California highways are shared daily by every type of vehicle imaginable. For the majority of the time, thousands of cars, motorcycles, buses and trucks of every size arrive safely at their destinations. However, car accidents still occur and may result in damage to the vehicle and injury or even death to the occupants. A recent incident claimed the life of a Canyon Country woman and injured another person.

The Santa Clarita Sheriff's station reported that an accident occurred when a truck pulling a trailer rear-ended a car near a highway intersection. The impact of the collision caused the car to hit a Santa Clarita Transit bus.  According to an investigator with the coroner's office, the driver of the car was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.

Car accidents: Pedestrian dead after crosswalk crash

There are many pedestrians that use walkways throughout the state of California. These walkways are periodically reviewed for safety, and improvements are scheduled if car accidents involving pedestrians are deemed likely. A crosswalk in Venice Beach had previously been slated for improvements. However, before any revisions were made, an accident claimed the life of a pedestrian.

A sergeant from the Los Angeles Police Department reported that a 40-year-old man was crossing a street in a designated crosswalk when he was struck by a car. According to reports, one vehicle had stopped to allow the man time to cross. However, another driver tried to pass and hit the pedestrian. Residents and others in the community believe that the tragedy could have been prevented.

Product liability claim made against maker of surgical systems

Many women in California and elsewhere around the country undergo hysterectomies routinely each year. While the majority of these procedures are conducted with traditional surgical techniques, many of them are now performed by a robot. The recovery time is supposedly much shorter with this less invasive surgery. However, complications from a robot-assisted hysterectomy seven years ago have prompted a woman to file a product liability lawsuit against a Sunnyvale manufacturer of surgical systems.

The now 45-year-old woman was encouraged by her physician to consider the robot-assisted surgery. She was told it would be less invasive and require less time for recovery. After the procedure, she spent one night in the hospital and went home the following day. However, she experienced extreme pain and was transported back to the hospital later that night. A second surgery was recommended to determine the problem.

Product liability case alleges waterslide gravely injured boy

Frighteningly, every year in California and across the United States, numerous people are injured by dangerous or defective products. When these injuries are severe, the victims or their families typically find it beneficial to consult a product liability lawyer. Often, a successfully litigated lawsuit is the only way to get the funds necessary to help with medical costs and other financial consequences.

In another state, for instance, a young boy's parents have filed a lawsuit on behalf of their son. They claim that he suffered serious, permanent injuries due to a product's allegedly faulty design. The complaint names as defendant Bette Bounces, the company reportedly responsible for the operation and maintenance of the inflatable water slide they claim injured the child. The boy was a guest at a birthday party where the hosts had rented the slide for party-goers.

Plan a night of safe trick-or-treating fun

In just a few short weeks children of all ages will be donning costumes and begging for candy. Your children are excited. They have narrowed down their ideas and picked characters to transform into for the special, spooky day. You want your children to be satisfied with their costumes and enjoy their night of trick-or treating, but safety is important.

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