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Who should you contact after a car crash?

Any car crash can become a complicated matter. You will probably face injuries, loss of transportation, the financial burden of car repair and medical bills, and all the steps involved in a personal injury claim. During this stressful time, you need to know who to contact.

1. Ambulance

If anyone involved in the crash sustained moderate to severe injuries, call for medical help immediately. This should be your first priority. If you all seem unharmed, it is up to your own discretion whether you should call an ambulance but you certainly want to call a doctor afterwards.

Many injuries from car crashes do not show up right away. They can build over time or the adrenaline of the moment can prevent you from realizing you are hurt. Always see a doctor within a few days to check for injuries.

2. Police

No matter how insignificant the accident, always call the police. They will create a police report of the incident, which is invaluable to have on record if you are pursuing a personal injury claim. They not only record important information about the crash but they may also get contact information from witnesses.

3. Your insurance company

This piece of the process is important to understand. You must report accidents to your insurer but you need to be careful about the rest of the interaction. Sadly, insurance companies are not truly on your side. They are a business. They do not want to pay money if they do not need to.

When you talk to them, give them info about the time and location of the crash. Do not discuss any fault you think you had or your injuries. Simply say the crash is being investigated and you are still receiving medical attention to assess the extent of your injuries.

Make sure you do not accept a settlement immediately. You need to know the full extent of the bills you face before taking an offer. Talk to an attorney before settling with your insurer.

4. Attorney

Filing a personal injury claim is not easy. It requires evidence and a solid understanding of the law to prove the full compensation you deserve for your situation. A skilled attorney can do the legwork of gathering evidence from the scene and examining your case, as well as helping you deal effectively with the insurance company.

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