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National Safety Council: Avoidable deaths rise in July and August

There has been a great deal of attention paid to the dangers of distracted driving, driving under the influence and similar hazards on the road that can cause serious injury in recent years. Texting while driving, drugged drunk driving, as well as general inattentiveness places pedestrians, bicyclists and other motorists at great risk for personal injury.

While these negligent and dangerous activities may seem obvious to many people in the Sherman Oaks area, preventable injury and death continues to occur at alarming rates throughout the country. Nearly 27 million people rush to emergencies rooms each year seeking treatment for injuries, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Not all injuries occur on the road. Slip-and-fall accidents, accidental drownings, injuries in fires and a wide range of other events lead to preventable injuries. Notably, The National Safety Council says that preventable deaths rise during the summer, with the peak of preventable injury and death landing somewhere during the months of July and August.

Keep your family safe this summer, and throughout the year

It is likely rare that anyone really considers the full impact of an accident, until an individual is either in a wreck or someone close to the individual suffers serious harm. June is National Safety Month. This year, the NSC is urging people all across the country to step back for a moment and think about safety. Reducing preventable deaths may be possible if more people took stock of their own actions, as well as opened communications within their own households about personal safety.

Some talking points that the NSC is focusing on during National Safety month include:

  • Turn off the cellphone in cars: Even hands-free smartphones and other communications devices are distracting for drivers.
  • Rely on a designated driver: Driving under the influence involves more than one too many during happy hour. Medications can also impair drivers. After an evening out, or when medications or illicit drugs are an issue, a designated driver can reduce the risk of injury or death for you and others on the road.
  • Remember that kids are often around more during the summer: Do not leave medications out where others can be placed in danger. Similarly, when behind the wheel, realize that kids are out of school.
  • Consider fire safety: Talking about fire safety, including creating a family escape plan can help you to prepare your family for a confusing time. Practicing fire safety can help you to protect your loved ones.

Planning for an accident may seem counter intuitive. However, opening the lines of communication about accidents can help you and your loved ones to better avoid accidents. If an accident arises after you talk with your loved ones, you and your family may be better prepared to know what steps to take to get help during a chaotic time.

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