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L.A. bottlenecks are a problem for truckers

Time is money. It’s a well-worn cliché, but it’s especially true for truck drivers. It’s a challenging job that requires carefully steering large vehicles, long hours, driving thousands of miles and spending time away from family. Truck drivers work against the clock, and traffic bottlenecks are one of their many concerns.

A new study released by the American Transportation Research Institute has ranked Los Angeles as the number 5 bottleneck in the country, delaying deliveries and putting extra pressure on drivers. This means that truck drivers in southern California are not just worried about the highway conditions in front of them, but they’re thinking about the fastest route to their next stop as they log overtime stuck in traffic. Long hours and hurried conditions often lead to fatigue and speeding.

A combination of hazards

A tired driver is a more dangerous driver. Fatigue slows response time and reduces overall awareness. Speed, though often excused by drivers with an “everybody does it” mentality, is a leading cause of highway fatalities throughout the US. If a truck driver is overly tired, speeding, or both, it creates an extra hazard for everyone on the road.

Every accident is different, but any accident with a semi-truck is a serious matter. Because semis can weigh up to 80,000 pounds, they present a significant danger for small vehicles around them. This isn’t just a risk to small vehicles like motorcycles and compact cars. A full-size sedan might weigh 4,000 pounds, just a fraction the size of a semi. Collisions have serious consequences, especially for those in the smaller vehicle.

Hurdles after an accident

In addition to the dangerous size difference, collisions with semi-trucks are more complex. Serious injuries require immediate, expensive medical attention and transportation companies often have complicated structures and insurance policies to wade through when seeking compensation, often involving working with out-of-state representatives who may not be familiar with California law.

An experienced personal injury attorney can help you to navigate through insurance issues and to protect your rights after an accident. When injured, it’s important to rest and focus on recovery instead of worrying about insurance claims and medical bills.

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