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Personal injury is a risk for both drivers and cyclists

These days, sharing the roadways with cyclists is a common scenario. In California, it is not unusual to find bicycle lanes and other designated areas for pedestrian traffic. Despite such safety efforts, whenever bikes and vehicles share a travel route, there is a risk of personal injury to one or both drivers. 

Recently, a California cyclist suffered severe injuries after a devastating collision with a vehicle. The operator of the bicycle, a 71-year-old man, somehow made his way out of the bike lane and into traffic. His injuries included chest and pelvis damage, and head trauma that has been described as severe.

While intoxication does not appear to be a factor for either party, the incident clearly speaks to the danger one can find themselves in wherever bicycles and cars are in close proximity to each other. Distracted driving, congested roadways, operator errors, and equipment failures are just a few of the ways accidents may occur. While most people make it a point to use caution and obey traffic laws, there is no way to completely eliminate the risk of personal injury.

When injuries occur, they can have both immediate and lasting effects for the victim. No matter who is found to be at fault for accidents involving cyclists, it is common for the bicycle operator to suffer personal injury when the accident involves a much larger vehicle. While some may not be as severe, many can result in permanent injury or, worse, fatality. Cyclists who suffer personal injury may need assistance determining how to proceed going forward. A personal injury attorney can help guide victims, including surviving families of deceased victims, through many aspects of personal and legal recovery. 

Source:, "Bicyclist, 71, severely injured in crash with SUV", March 12, 2018

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