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Truck accidents are a lethal pedestrian threat

California remains one of the nation's most popular destinations, attracting people from all over the world. With so much to offer, it is no wonder so many people find themselves drawn to the Golden State. Unfortunately, one frightening side effect of busy roadways is accidents, specifically truck accidents

Car accidents can be fatal to cyclists sharing the roads.

California has long been known as a unique place to live, work and travel. The beautiful scenery includes both large metropolitan cities and sprawling rural landscapes. Unfortunately, the large number of residents and tourists to this great state means that the roads are often crowded, and car accidents remain all too common. 

When are bicyclists at fault for negligence?

California has some of the most beautiful scenic views and roadways that connect all throughout the state. For many commuters, choosing a bicycle ride to work and schools is a welcomed option. However, there are always risks when sharing the road with a plethora of drivers and moving vehicles. Accidents can occur at any given minute creating legal issues to determine fault and compensation owed.

Morning rush hour can spawn deadly car accidents

California drivers may be all too familiar with the times of day many refer to as rush hour. With the traffic congestion caused by early morning and late afternoon commutes, there's a higher probability of car accidents occurring during these hours. While many may imagine being stuck in a long line of slow-moving vehicles, with brake lights visible for miles, reduced speeds are no guarantee of fewer accidents. 

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