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When are bicyclists at fault for negligence?

California has some of the most beautiful scenic views and roadways that connect all throughout the state. For many commuters, choosing a bicycle ride to work and schools is a welcomed option. However, there are always risks when sharing the road with a plethora of drivers and moving vehicles. Accidents can occur at any given minute creating legal issues to determine fault and compensation owed.

California bike laws were made to ensure safe travel for everyone on the roads including pedestrians. They also create a clear outline of responsibilities that help insurance companies and courts evaluate fault for traffic collisions. Although there are plenty of distractions that cause motor vehicle drivers to veer into bike lanes, cyclists may be at fault for negligence also.

No headphones allowed

As a cyclist, you may want to listen to some tracks while you make your way through the street maze to your next location. Unfortunately, current state bike laws prohibit cyclists from wearing headphones of any kind. Listening to music or anything that would disrupt your ability to hear sirens or traffic signals is unsafe and not allowed.

Other potential negligence on the part of a cyclist may include:

  • Failure to properly communicate to other drivers
  • Faulty bicycle equipment (i.e. brakes, lights)
  • Making illegal turns and weaving recklessly through traffic

Safety saves

Safe cycling is the best practice to adopt as a traffic commuter. Knowing what is expected of you as a part of the traffic community is the best place to start. When collisions occur, they often cost people valuable time from work and rehabilitation for their injuries. Everyone can avoid these negative experiences with conscious effort and consideration of others.

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