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When are bicyclists at fault for negligence?

California has some of the most beautiful scenic views and roadways that connect all throughout the state. For many commuters, choosing a bicycle ride to work and schools is a welcomed option. However, there are always risks when sharing the road with a plethora of drivers and moving vehicles. Accidents can occur at any given minute creating legal issues to determine fault and compensation owed.

L.A. bottlenecks are a problem for truckers

Time is money. It’s a well-worn cliché, but it’s especially true for truck drivers. It’s a challenging job that requires carefully steering large vehicles, long hours, driving thousands of miles and spending time away from family. Truck drivers work against the clock, and traffic bottlenecks are one of their many concerns.

Putting lives at risk: sleep-deprived truckers

A Los Angeles port truck driver had worked over 45 hours in just three days when he ran over a woman crossing the street in Victorville. Another port driver who admitted often breaking fatigue laws said he kept a bucket of ice water by his seat to splash on his face when he felt himself nodding off. Still another port truck crashed on Riverside Freeway when he didn’t see what everyone else saw—a broken down FedEx truck. He slammed into the back of the trailer at full speed killing himself and severely injuring another motorist caught up in the crash.

When kids can and can’t ride shotgun

Many kids are eager to graduate from the backseat and ride shotgun, but parents must be aware of what the law says and how having a kid in front may affect safety. Airbags can be a hidden danger in all cars and, when it comes to kids, knowing when a child is safe to be in front of one can save the day.

Plan a night of safe trick-or-treating fun

In just a few short weeks children of all ages will be donning costumes and begging for candy. Your children are excited. They have narrowed down their ideas and picked characters to transform into for the special, spooky day. You want your children to be satisfied with their costumes and enjoy their night of trick-or treating, but safety is important.

Bike accidents: California men face the greatest risk

Studies show that California adult men over 20 face the greatest risk of being killed in a biking accident. Biking can be dangerous. Cars do not anticipate bikers, many streets were not designed to accommodate bikes and a number of bikers fail to take proper safety precautions. What can you do to stay safe while biking on California’s roads?

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