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California car accidents: 6 dead after crash near Woodland

Interstate 5 is a major highway that runs hundreds of miles in California and other states on the West Coast. While thousands of people travel safely each day on this thoroughfare, car accidents still occur. A recent crash that occurred north of Woodland claimed the lives of six people.

Car accidents: Several injured after incident involving Uber car

Uber has become a popular option for travelers in California and throughout the country. Out-of-town visitors utilize it to eliminate the need to rent a vehicle on a trip. Local residents use the services when going to an event where alcohol will be served so that car accidents may be avoided. The services were likely in high demand on New Year's Eve and into the early morning hours of the new year. Some passengers who had taken an Uber recently became involved in an incident that left several injured.

Car accidents: 1 dead, 2 injured following head-on crash

California roadways are frequently traveled daily for business or personal reasons. Whether driving back and forth to work, dropping off or picking up children from school or running errands, cars are in constant use throughout the state. With the sheer volume of vehicles on the roads, car accidents are bound to happen. While most incidents involve only damage to the vehicles or minor physical injuries, some are more much serious. A recent crash in Shafter claimed the life of one person and injured two others.

Car accidents: 4 killed, 6 injured by alleged drunk driver

People who travel in vehicles operated by impaired drivers put their lives on the line. Amazingly, car accidents involving drunk drivers often cause injuries or death to others while drivers walk away unscathed. The authorities say that multiple deaths and injuries were recently caused by a drunk driver in California.

Wrong-way car accidents may prove fatal in California

A reported wrong-way collision recently snatched a man's life in California. In addition, the man's girlfriend suffered injuries. These types of car accidents may sometimes result from the carelessness of a single driver, in which case this driver may be held financially responsible for the deaths and injuries resulting form the accident.

Car accidents: Woman dead after crash with truck and bus

California highways are shared daily by every type of vehicle imaginable. For the majority of the time, thousands of cars, motorcycles, buses and trucks of every size arrive safely at their destinations. However, car accidents still occur and may result in damage to the vehicle and injury or even death to the occupants. A recent incident claimed the life of a Canyon Country woman and injured another person.

Car accidents: Pedestrian dead after crosswalk crash

There are many pedestrians that use walkways throughout the state of California. These walkways are periodically reviewed for safety, and improvements are scheduled if car accidents involving pedestrians are deemed likely. A crosswalk in Venice Beach had previously been slated for improvements. However, before any revisions were made, an accident claimed the life of a pedestrian.

Car accidents can cause emotional and financial devastation

Traffic laws are in place to keep California drivers safe. These laws dictate the speed at which an individual can drive, when one driver can pass another and even what side of the highway one should remain on. In addition, there are laws in place to guard against individuals driving after they have had too much to drink. Even with the numerous traffic laws that govern how individuals operate vehicle, car accidents occur on a daily basis.

California car accidents: doctor, wife to stand trial for wreck

When a loved one dies, survivors often seek closure after a period of time to help with the grieving process. This is particularly the case when car accidents abruptly take someone's life and there was no time to communicate after a fatal incident. Some California family members may be a step closer to gaining some closure following a crash that claimed three people's lives in Oct. 2016.

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