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Product liability suit alleges device severely mutilated toddler

While it did not occur in California, a recent lawsuit may have alarmed parents considering potty training their children with any aids purchased from Target. Recently, a little boy was severely mutilated while using one device, and his parents have filed a product liability lawsuit against the retail giant. Perhaps equally upsetting, this is far from the first time the apparently dangerous device has injured a child.

Product liability claim can be made after buying faulty product

Consumers in California and throughout the country assume that the products they purchase every day have been tested appropriately and are safe for their use. Unfortunately, the sheer volume of items available for purchase makes it extremely difficult to ensure that every item placed on a shelf is safe. In fact, over five thousand product recalls were made in a 12-month period ending in March 2017. This creates the possibility for a number of potential product liability claims.

$28 million awarded in product liability lawsuit

Xarelto is a medication commonly prescribed to California residents and others elsewhere in the country for the treatment and prevention of blood clots. Physicians routinely use the drug to reduce the risk of stroke, embolism or thrombosis. Recently, a jury found that the manufacturers were responsible for a patient's injuries that were linked to the drug in a product liability lawsuit.

Wrongful death lawsuit tied to product liability issues

California has a phenomenal climate for farming, making it one of the state's premier industries. Many farmers find success growing fruits, such as avocados. As weeds can become a problem for many areas, some farmers choose to use herbicides to address the issue. The maker of a well-known weed killer has been named in a wrongful death lawsuit linked to product liability issues.

Product liability claim made against maker of surgical systems

Many women in California and elsewhere around the country undergo hysterectomies routinely each year. While the majority of these procedures are conducted with traditional surgical techniques, many of them are now performed by a robot. The recovery time is supposedly much shorter with this less invasive surgery. However, complications from a robot-assisted hysterectomy seven years ago have prompted a woman to file a product liability lawsuit against a Sunnyvale manufacturer of surgical systems.

Product liability case alleges waterslide gravely injured boy

Frighteningly, every year in California and across the United States, numerous people are injured by dangerous or defective products. When these injuries are severe, the victims or their families typically find it beneficial to consult a product liability lawyer. Often, a successfully litigated lawsuit is the only way to get the funds necessary to help with medical costs and other financial consequences.

Hospital facing product liability claims

When a child must undergo surgery, parents in California and around the nation are understandably concerned. Even in routine procedures, there is always a possibility of a surgical error or other complication. In some situations, there are issues with the equipment used in the surgery or recovery. A hospital in another state must deal with a possible product liability lawsuit after several children became ill following routine surgeries.

$417 million product liability verdict against J&J

Johnson & Johnson is a well-known manufacturer of consumer products that has been in operation for over a hundred years. The company makes everything from bandages and medications to baby and beauty products. Its headquarters are located in another state; however, its operations are international, with facilities worldwide. While the company experiences great success, it must also deal with a series of product liability claims related to talc-based products. A jury in a California lawsuit recently awarded $417 million to a woman who claimed that the company's baby powder caused her to have ovarian cancer.

Brand-name drug makers face product liability cases for generics

California residents and others across the country frequently use generic counterparts of brand-name drugs. In fact, statistics show that generic drugs represent roughly 80 percent of the market in the nation. Manufacturers of generic drugs had been generally protected from litigation. However, some brand-name pharmaceutical makers now must deal with product liability cases over drugs they did not manufacture.

Product liability issues: Dietary supplements

How many dietary supplements do California residents take each day? More than likely, the number is  staggering. As many people look for ways to maintain or improve their health without pharmaceuticals, they turn to over-the-counter supplements that make claims of having certain restorative or enhancing properties. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the only thing enhanced by many of these supplements is the number of potential product liability claims.

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